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Meli launches Little Things Appeal

Meli has launched its 2023 Little Things Appeal, calling on the community to help provide joy through the ‘little things’ to those facing hardship.

The appeal was developed to support those in our community who miss out on experiences in life that enrich and greatly impact their wellbeing. They may be struggling financially or overcoming a particularly
challenging period. Meli works with the region’s most vulnerable families and believes it’s the little things in life that can make a world of difference.

Meli is calling on the local community to donate and/or fundraise during the month of June to help provide enjoyable experiences and moments of relief for those who need it most.

Whether it is an afternoon at the footy, taking the family to the cinema, or heading out to dinner at a local restaurant, these luxuries are unattainable for many in the current economic climate.

Meli CEO Grant Boyd encouraged people to give thought to the little things they might take for granted and pay it forward to someone less fortunate.

“With the cost of living rising, rental increases and interest rates consistently on the up, most of us are feeling the pinch financially. But for those in our community that are stretched to afford the basics, anything
beyond a necessity is simply not possible,” Mr Boyd said.

“There are people and families in Geelong who regularly go without the little things. We’re asking the community to dig deep to help those facing hardship to enjoy the experiences that are often taken for

“Whether it’s paying it forward when you buy your morning coffee or shouting another family tickets to the cinema, you will be giving a ‘little thing’ which wouldn’t otherwise be possible. We hope local businesses,
schools and workplaces will get behind the Meli Little Things Appeal and give generously where possible.”

Emma* was a recipient of the 2022 Little Things Appeal and as the full-time carer for her two young cousins (aged five and four), the vouchers she received allowed her to create some precious, life-long memories.

“As a single parent, I don’t have the funds to splurge on activities like the pool or the movies, so we were very grateful for the opportunity to have some fun together. It was a really special day out together as a
family,” Emma said.

All proceeds raised will be used to purchase gift cards at local businesses. To find out more and donate, visit meli.org.au/little-things-appeal.

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