BCYF & Bethany have merged! Our two like-minded not-for-profit organisations are now Meli. Learn more

About Us

Meli is a Victorian not-for-profit committed to strengthening communities through supporting people.

We offer a unique combination of services to support members of our community throughout their lifetime, from early childhood through to adolescence and adulthood.

Meli’s heritage and unique combination of services allow for an insightful approach to wellbeing. Using our breadth and depth of expertise to innovate and contribute to our community through preventative, strengthening programs.

Everyone faces challenges occasionally, and Meli is here to lend compassionate help, and to take a preventative and early response approach – no matter how big or small a problem.

We offer modern services that are easy to access with an experienced and highly qualified team to support individuals.

We strive to be truly inclusive, to support the whole community, and encourage individuals to get the support they need, no matter their circumstances.

Meliorists at heart, we believe in social justice, equality, and working together to help wherever we can. We exist to create a fair, safe and inclusive community where everyone can thrive.

One person at a time, we’re working together to help create a better, stronger local community.

Our History

Meli is built on more than 150 years of combined local experience and heritage from Bethany and Barwon Child, Youth and Family (BCYF). We started a new chapter on 1 April 2023 by forming one strong organisation with the purpose of supporting people and strengthening communities.

We bring deep expertise spanning generations, giving us the perspective and foresight to know that a preventative focus will have the greatest impact on our community as a whole.

From a women’s refuge to a babies’ home and mothercraft nurses’ training centre, to a leading kindergarten and community services provider, Bethany has always been there for those in need.

From a children’s orphanage to a leading child, youth and family services provider, BCYF has a history of adapting and changing, always with the community at its heart.

Combined, we are even better placed to continue to serve our local community.

History of Bethany History of BCYF

Our Vision

“A fair, safe and inclusive community where everyone can thrive”

Our Purpose

“Supporting people, strengthening communities”

Our Values

“Our values help us support people and strengthen communities”

Build Connection

By working together and developing trusted relationships we are able to build on strengths. Together we provide connected, person-centred services and link those seeking support to the right services, building stronger, connected communities.

Show Courage

When we act courageously, we don’t let our fears stop us. We share our perspectives in a respectful way, we challenge the status quo, we address the real issues, and we champion the rights of others. We actively respond to the needs of the people in our organisation and our communities even in the face of adversity.

Inspire Action

We inspire action by walking the talk, following through with our commitments and accepting responsibility for our decisions and behaviour. We inspire others to create personal change by building awareness for different approaches to life and offering various options that support steps for action.

Celebrate Difference

We appreciate different perspectives, respect the unique needs of others, and celebrate individual differences. We recognise diversity as an asset that enriches the potential of our communities and as a necessity for building a strong organisation that will continue to support people and communities now and into the future.

Be Dynamic

We embrace change, show adaptability, think outside of the box and are committed to growth and development. We are progressive and driven by foresight. We anticipate emergent challenges experienced by our communities and set best practice industry standards for supporting people.

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