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The Little Things Appeal helps make life’s little luxuries possible.


Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make a world of difference. That’s why we created Meli’s Little Things Appeal which runs from 1-30 June each year.

During the Appeal, we call on the public to consider making a donation so that those facing hardship can enjoy a moment of joy, through what might seem like a little thing. When purchasing their morning coffee, booking an adventure for the school holidays or taking themselves to yoga, we ask our local community to consider paying it forward.

All funds raised are used to purchase vouchers and experiences for the individuals and families we support.


Sometimes it’s the really small things that can make someone's day. Like a freshly brewed coffee from your local cafe to share with a friend.

The Little Things Appeal funds could help a parents pay for their children to enjoy a playdate, party or school excursion.

Seeing the latest blockbuster these days is a luxury not everyone can afford. The Little Things Appeal allows you to shout an individual or family to the movies.

Special family dinners where you don't have to do the cooking can be some of the happiest times – and no-one has to do the dishes.

Group experiences with friends or family to celebrate a special occasion can be stressful when struggling both emotionally and financially. Little Things helps take that pressure away.

Through the Little Things Appeal, you can donate as little or as much as you can afford - it's your choice. Every dollar donated makes a difference.

The impact of ‘Little Things’ 

Last year, through the generosity of community donations, Matt* aged eight went to the cinema for the first time, a memory he often talks about.

Matt’s family didn’t have much left at the end of the week after they paid for groceries, utilities, transportation and medical needs. This meant it was the little things that couldn’t happen.

Funds raised through The Little Things Appeal allowed Matt and his family to enjoy a fun outing to see a movie together and share some well-deserved time out together.

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