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Meli Years of Service Celebration

On Tuesday, Meli staff came together at Poa Banyul to celebrate important tenure milestones or ‘work birthdays’ as we like to refer to them. It was a chance to reflect on and celebrate the contributions these individuals have made to Meli. We are proud to have numerous staff members who have shown their dedication and commitment over many years at Bethany and BCYF respectively, and now, at Meli.

From challenges to learnings and achievements, the career journey for each person has been different and that’s what makes their Meli experience unique. The event was an opportunity to give them a hearty congratulations and thank them for all that they have contributed.

Meli CEO Grant Boyd and Anneliese Knell, Executive Director People and Capability presented each staff member with a certification of service and a gift voucher in recognition of their service. Some employees also offered answers to a set of rapid-fire questions that delved into a range of topics ranging from their favourite holiday destination to the person that has inspired them most during their career.

Employees were recognised according to their years of service, ranging from five years, all the way through to 20 years. Yes, 20 years! What a magnificent achievement. We commend you Vivian Sinclair and Kathryn Howe.

We were transported back to 2018 as we celebrated those with five-year work birthdays. Some of you might recall the ‘Make the move to Geelong’ campaign was in full flight, COVID was not yet a known word, Bethany Kindergarten Services was formed with the management of 21 kindergartens, Bethany Community Services celebrated 150 years of operation, BCYF opened the Youth Services Hub, and Christine Cousens launched BCYF’s history book, ‘Stronger Together: A History of Barwon child, Youth & Family’.

As we moved onto 10-year service awards we were transported to 2013, when Darryn Lyons became our first Elected Mayor, Bethany’s Vision was to be an ‘Opportunity for all’, analogue TV officially ceased in Australia and former BCYF, Glastonbury Community Services had 120 employees and pioneered a new program called Strengthening Family Connections. It’s safe to say that a lot can happen in a decade.

The group celebrating their 15-year work birthdays commenced at Meli (or formerly Bethany and BCYF) during a pivotal time in history – Kevin Rudd offered a formal apology to Australia’s First Nations people on behalf of the Australian Parliament and Barack Obama became President of the United States of America. 2008 was significant in many ways, one of which was welcoming Grant Boyd (as CEO of the Bethany Group), together with Lyn Burton, Brooke Phyland, Mandy Carruthers and Jane Russell.

Finally, we celebrated two incredible staff members who have made an enormous contribution to Meli over the past 20 years. This milestone is one which very few employees achieve, and we commend both Kathryn Howe and Vivian Sinclair on all that they have contributed during their two decades at Meli.

We thank and congratulate all staff members who have achieved significant milestone birthdays this year. Together, we are supporting people and strengthening communities.

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