At Wydinia Kindergarten in Colac, we believe that a child’s connection to the natural world is essential to playing, learning and living well.

Wydinia educators build strong and collaborative partnerships with families. Educators are involved in the newly developed Partnering with Parents Practice Support Program which supports children, families and educators to develop relationships and open communication through six key areas;

  1. Warm & gentle interactions,
  2. Tuning in,
  3. Following their lead,
  4. Making moments matter,
  5. Listening and talking,
  6. And Teachable moments.

It is important that children and their families develop a sense of belonging and connection to the learning environment. Educators at Wydinia provide an inclusive space, supporting and resourcing individual children and their families to celebrate their abilities and culture.

Play is children’s work and through play based learning, children can explore, experience, discover and solve problems in imaginative and playful ways.

To support our play based program the service provides an indoor / outdoor program in the newly constructed playground which celebrates the elements of the natural world; air, water, space, earth and fire. The children play outside in all weather (rain, hail and shine) and are encouraged to take off their shoes and socks to explore the environment.