We support your child to build their confidence and feel ready for school through our school transition program.

Join us at Rix Street Kindergarten in Herne Hill where we offer a play based learning environment rich with resources and support.

Your child will have lots of time to explore outdoors in our large natural outdoor play area. They can climb trees, play in the large sandpit, experiment in the mud kitchen, and learn about gardening. We even have a working creek with a pump.

We support your child to build confidence to speak their mind and make their own decisions. We help your child to connect to their community and develop their sense of belonging. These skills support them in their transition to school. We have close relationships with our local schools to provide a comprehensive transition to school program.

Our passionate educators have a strong focus on sustainability which you’ll see featured throughout your child’s learning program.

We place a high value on equity, social justice and inclusion, our anti-bias curriculum ensures all children feel a sense of belonging at Rix Street Kindergarten.

We’d love to welcome you into our kindergarten.