We have created a place where every child and their family feel a sense of belonging

Greenville Kindergarten educators are passionate about providing an inclusive educational program for children with all abilities and diverse culture backgrounds.

Our service embraces the abilities of all children. We value the connection between home, kindergarten and community, and we have created a place where every child and their family feel a sense of belonging. Together we focus on the strengths and interests of the child within the educational program and work together to support emerging independence skills.

We offer children many opportunities to explore diversity through culture. Children are able to participate in learning Italian as a second language through the EELA program and learn about the first nation people that cared for our land and country. Our connection with our local Aboriginal community, the Wathaurong People has allowed the children throughout their time at Greenville to learn about the Wathaurong people and develop an understanding of their history and culture. We acknowledge the first nation people each morning by singing a ‘welcome to country’ song created by the children.

School readiness is an important part of our program in the latter half of the year. Greenville Kindergarten has strong partnerships with the local primary schools in the area and together we work on a plan for the children to build their confidence to manage the next stage of their educational journey. This supports the official transition programs that each individual school offers.