We’re an inclusive kindergarten and we love to involve families.

Our beautiful preschool is located in Highton, right next to Highton Primary School. At Bellevue Preschool we create a safe, supportive and nurturing learning environment for your child.

Your child will have plenty of opportunities to explore their creativity through music, cooking, gardening and role play activities. We also offer incursions and excursions so your child can engage with their community and foster their sense of belonging.

Our beautiful indoor and outdoor facilities encourage your child’s play based learning and development by providing activities and experiences linked to their interests, knowledge and skills.

Our highly skilled educators support your child to have a sense of belonging, to foster self-worth, promote critical thinking, to be proactive problem solvers and to express and acknowledge their feelings and those of others.

We are strong family advocates, we acknowledge and respect all families’ traditions, structures, cultures, diverse abilities and the uniqueness that shapes families. You can come to our educators at any time to have confidential discussions about your child’s education and needs, and anything that might impact their learning.

We are passionate about what we do at Bellevue and we hope to meet you soon.