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Updates to improve Meli Kindergarten enrolment process

We have recently received feedback from our Meli kindergarten families regarding our current application and enrolment process.

This feedback has provided valuable insight, and as a result, we are pleased to announce that we are implementing changes to improve our process for 2025 kindergarten offers.

We are removing the “first in best dressed” approach which means that families will now have a week to respond to their kindergarten offer.

Some important points to note:

– First round offers will be sent on Monday 15 July 2024. If you have applied for a kindergarten place in 2025 you will receive an email containing a link to accept or decline your kindergarten offer.

– The link will remain open until Monday 22 July 2024.

When you accept your child’s offer for a place at a Meli Kindergarten, you will be asked to tell us which group/session time you prefer. Each group at a Meli Kindergarten has a specific set of days and session times. Group preferences are no longer prioritised by date/time order.

– Meli will apply the priority of access criteria outlined by the Department of Education for group preferences. After this, children are randomly selected through Meli’s database software. See our website regarding the priority of access for further details – find out more here.

If you need help understanding our new acceptance process, please contact our enrolments team by calling 5273 0200 or emailing enrolments@meli.org.au.

We are confident that these changes will improve the process for your child’s application at one of our 30 Meli kindergartens across the Barwon region.

We value you and your children and thank you for choosing a Meli Kindergarten as the first step in your child’s educational journey.


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