Our beautiful seaside preschool connects us to our community and the environment.

At Portarlington Preschool the beach is literally our backyard. Our location in the heart of our seaside village connects us to our community and the environment.

We host a Beach Explorers program to help your child learn about how to appreciate and protect our local marine environment.

Your child will benefit from our play-based learning program that values child-led, creative, open-ended experiences to promote development in all areas.

We run a rotational model which means we divide our enrolments into smaller groups. Your child will see the children in their group at all their sessions and also see children from other groups throughout the week. This helps build your child’s social skills. It also gives them the opportunity to work with our other educators across their kinder week.

Our experienced educators acknowledge and extend your child’s interests, and guide them to develop an understanding and respect for each other’s social and cultural influences.

We ensure a welcoming, supportive and friendly environment. We value relationships of the children, parents, families and the surrounding community to create a sense of belonging, collaboration and ownership for all involved.

We’d love to welcome you into our preschool.