We foster a community and help your child be an active and creative explorer.

We’re all about fostering community at Leopold Kindergarten and we have strong ties to local businesses and community groups.

That’s why we offer to meet your child and family at your home at the start of the year. We want to connect with you and build strong relationships that can strengthen your child’s learning experience.

We value family support and encourage your involvement in all aspects of the kindergarten. Your family can get involved in educational program support, excursions, local community walks, and parent social and fundraising groups, maintenance jobs and working bees.

We encourage your child to be an active and creative explorer and to express their individuality through their ideas. We’ll support your child to feel independent and confident.

At Leopold Kindergarten, children have long periods of uninterrupted free play as we know this is how they learn best, by playing with each other, connecting with educators, other children and the environment.

Your child will love our large outdoor play area. There are big grassed areas, sand pits, and plenty of play features for children to spark their imaginations. There are quiet calm spaces when children want to take some time for themselves too.

We hope to see you soon!