Our programs are based on supporting each individual child towards reaching their potential.

At Bell Post Hill Kindergarten, we love to develop your child’s curiosity and individuality. We’ll help your child learn in ways that appeal to their interests, strengths and developing skills as they make sense of their world around them.

We provide a quality three and four year old program planned by highly qualified, experienced and dedicated educators. Our nurturing learning spaces provide large blocks of uninterrupted and unhurried time for your child to explore both our indoor and outdoor program.

Special highlights of our educational program include fun circle games, dancing, music, cooking, take home teddy bear and library program, show and tell program, guitar sessions, many incursions and excursions to our local primary school and beyond.

Our learning environments are bright and engaging.  We pride ourselves on creating innovative ways to set up and design our experiences for the children.

Our recently renovated child bathrooms are beautifully designed and we now look forward to extending renovations to our outdoor play spaces.

We pride ourselves on helping your child develop resilience, confidence and worldly skills they can continue to build on throughout their educational journey.