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The role of Foster Carers

Meli Foster Carers provide a safe, loving and nurturing environment for children and young people.

Foster Carers play a very important role in a child or young person’s life by providing much needed stability and care during a time when they cannot live with their parents or extended family. Foster Carers are able to offer children and young people a safe and stable home environment and this plays a critical role in promoting a child and young person’s development and wellbeing.

Meet Amanda and Jessie, some of our Foster Carers

Foster Carers support a child or young person to maintain a connection with their cultural or religious beliefs and contact with their extended family. Foster Carers are part of a team, they are involved in decision making about the child or young person they are providing care for and receive 24 hour support, ongoing training and financial support.

Meet Jo and Stewart, Meli Foster Carers

Enquire about becoming a Foster Carer

Meli also holds regular Foster Care information sessions which provide an opportunity to gain information and ask as many questions as you like. For more information contact the Meli Foster Care team on 03 5226 8900.

Make a foster care enquiry
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